Update showcases new branding, enhanced digital presence, and specialized business focus

[Chantilly, Virginia, October 20, 2023] – In a landmark move that signifies growth, evolution, and a sharpened focus, Stitely & Karstetter CPAs is proud to announce its transition to SK CPAs & Business Advisors PLLC. This rebranding is marked not only by a name change but also by a vibrant new logo, a revitalized website, and a redefined commitment to serve the complex needs of business clients.

Highlights of the Transition:

• Name Evolution: The transition to SK CPAs & Business Advisors PLLC reflects a modernized approach, emphasizing the firm’s expertise and advisory role in the business realm.

• Branding Renewal: The new logo is a symbol of transformation and forward momentum, embodying our renewed energy and purpose.

“Our new logo isn’t just a change in design; it’s a symbol of evolution, capturing the essence of where we’ve been and where we’re headed,” said Michelle Hecker, SKCPAs Member, Enrolled Agent, and Small Business Advisor. “A brand is a promise, and with this rebranding, we’re renewing our promise of exceptional service in a dynamic financial landscape.”

• Web Transformation: The redesigned website (skcpas.com) offers a user-centric experience, rich with resources and insights catered specifically for business clientele.

“In the digital age, our website is the front door to our services. We’re thrilled to unveil a platform that’s not just user-friendly but also a reflection of our commitment to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring our clients have the best tools and resources at their fingertips,” added Christie Krouse, SKCPAs Member, Enrolled Agent, and Small Business Advisor.

• Dedicated Business Focus: While we honor our history and diverse clientele, our refined focus solidifies our commitment to addressing the multifaceted challenges and goals of today’s businesses.

“Businesses are the backbone of our economy, each with its own set of unique financial intricacies,” noted Max Spracklin, SKCPAS Member and Small Business Advisor. “As we pivot our focus to serving business owners, we’re embracing the challenge to deliver tailored strategies that drive entrepreneurial success in an ever-evolving marketplace.”

SK CPAs & Business Advisors PLLC extends profound appreciation to its community, clients, and partners. This rebranding signifies more than a name change—it’s a renewed pledge to serve, innovate, and guide businesses towards financial success.

About SK CPAs & Business Advisors PLLC:
Originating as Stitely & Karstetter CPAs, the firm has been a symbol of trust, excellence, and expertise in accounting for 34 years. As SK CPAs & Business Advisors PLLC, it promises an unwavering commitment to supporting businesses in achieving their financial objectives.