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“Preparer was very helpful this year.  We really appreciate the help fixing our old tax return and understanding the process.” – W.M.

Focused on Your Success – Income Tax Planning Services

Have you ever been surprised by your income tax liability on April 15th?  How can you minimize your income taxes if you wait until the year has ended?

Our staff of CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers specializes in tax planning and projection techniques to help eliminate surprises April 15th.

Income tax planning services:

  • Business / corporate income tax strategies
    • Selecting the right accounting method for your tax returns
      • Cash
      • Accrual
      • Completed contract
      • Percentage of completion
      • Hybrid
    • Capital equipment and real estate purchase analysis
      • Lease
      • Purchase
    • Timing of income and deductions
    • Pension planning and setup
      • Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP’s)
      • 401(k) plans and safe harbor 401(k) plans
      • SIMPLE plans
      • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans
    • Employee benefits consulting
      • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
      • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
      • Health insurance
    • Specializing in:
      • Professional services (doctors and other health care professionals, attorneys)
      • Computer services
      • Construction contractors
      • Government contractors
    • Review of fixed asset and equipment depreciation records to minimize state and county personal property tax liabilities
Personal income tax strategies
    • Sole proprietor tax savings strategies
      • Family employees
      • Medical plan
    • Multi-year projections
    • Pension planning
      • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
      • Roth IRA’s
    • Education planning (Section 529 plans)
    • Managing your income tax withholding
      • Choosing the right number of personal exemptions (Form W-4)
      • Estimated tax payments (Forms 1040-ES and 760-ES)
    • Income tax shelters and partnerships
    • Real estate transaction consulting
      • Rental properties
      • Short sales
      • Foreclosures
      • Capital gains
      • Depreciation recapture
    • Capital gains consulting
      • Stocks / bonds
      • Mutual funds
      • Basis calculation
      • Capital loss carry forwards
    • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) consulting
      • Minimum tax credit planning
      • Employee stock options
        • Nonqualified stock options
        • Incentive stock options

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