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Online Repository Will House Monthly Closing and Accounting Projects for All Clients

Starting in January, Total Accounting Care (TAC) will begin posting all financial and tax related information, communication and projects for our clients – including monthly financial reports – via our online client center. Used currently by many clients, this site offers a highly secure, more centralized repository for all accounting projects and will help TAC accountants better streamline and manage client data.

Currently, information and paperwork are sent to most TAC clients via email. However, the new client center will provide a highly secure and easily accessible portal where clients can submit tax returns and receive important accounting information, such as monthly financial reports and tax projections.

The client center should be familiar to most TAC clients, as many of you have already used it to submit tax returns and collaborate on other accounting-related projects. The system is easy to use and intuitive, and can be accessed using a preassigned login and password.

Each month, a new project will appear with that month’s labeled financial report (ex: “January Financial Report.”) Monthly and quarterly financials will also be posted in the center. If a TAC accountant has a question about a specific client transaction or other related matter, he or she may inquire via the client center, so please check the site regularly for a questions list. TAC cannot move forward with our preparation of your monthly financials until these questions are answered. If we do not have questions we may skip this step.

Further details about the client center will be emailed to each of our clients later this month.