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On Thursday, May 6 a malicious group of hackers carried out a ransomware attack on the computer system of Colonial Pipeline, the major oil pipeline that delivers gasoline and jet fuel to communities up and down the East Coast. This set-off a week-long gasoline panic in communities (including ours) from Texas to New Jersey, until Colonial Pipeline ultimately paid an alleged $5 million in Bitcoin ransom to get the oil flowing once again a week later.

This ransomware attack has exposed the vulnerability of our country’s critical infrastructure, which has been the target of an increasing number of cyberattacks over the past few years. Cities, schools and hospitals have all been hit by cybercriminals, who scramble a victim’s computers and then extort a payment to decrypt them.

If this most recent ransomware attack has taught us anything – it is that protecting our clients’ personal data is crucial.  Here at Total Accounting Care, we value your security. This is why we use the Client Center for sensitive information, and why we encourage you NOT to send us personal information over email.

What You Should Know about the Client Center

The Client Center is the secure portal that we use for project management here at TAC. This is where we communicate with you and transmit sensitive information securely.

Our Client Center is a centralized place for all tax and financial information. It is easy to use and completely secure. This is where we post updates about your tax situation, and the “Notes” section gives us the ability to communicate directly with you (versus email, which is not secure.) The client center also has E-sign capabilities for documents that need signatures. As you can see, the Client Center is an important tool that enables us to conduct many of our core business activities safely and securely with our clients.

So, rest assured that here at TAC, we take the business of securing your financial data very seriously. If you ever have questions about logging into or using the Client Center effectively, please contact Max Spracklin at mspracklin@skcpas.com and he would be happy to answer any of your questions.