Chantilly, Virginia-based accounting firm SK CPAs & Business Advisors PLLC (S&K), PLLC, announced that Max Spracklin has been named a partner in the firm.

Spracklin joined S&K in August 2016 after earning his BBA in Accounting from Radford University. As the Director of Outsourced Accounting Services, Max gained the partners’ attention as he grew the firm’s cloud-based outsourced accounting services division exponentially.

“We are all thrilled to announce Max’s partnership,” said Frank Stitely, S&K Managing Partner. “Max grew our Total Accounting Care operation from a startup to the fastest growing part of our business. He’s an expert in accounting process management and delivers insight to his clients on financial matters beyond just taxes.”

Spracklin said that as a partner, he plans to work closely with business clients to help them grow their companies. His business consulting services include analyzing financials, reviewing business practices, and putting proper tax planning in place so that ultimately companies can become more profitable.

“I am humbled and honored by this promotion to partner, and I am looking forward to building on the foundation that S&K has built over the last 35 years,” Spracklin said. “S&K is a pillar in our community, and I have always appreciated the partners’ openness to new ideas and innovation. From the beginning, they have been very welcoming and have let me run with my own ideas.”

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