Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. How many people heard this from their fellow business associates about a month ago: “You are so lucky to get the PPP money, you were so lucky to get the SBA EIDL loan, you are so lucky to be able to stay in operation during this time”? The fact of the matter is, the businesses that won the PPP and EIDL game weren’t lucky, they were prepared. 

The sad reality is that most accountants when called to conquer the world of PPP, SBA, EIDL, Payroll tax credits and more, first cried a little bit then went into a dark room and hid from the world as their clients were left to compile their financial data and navigate the world of complex bank loan applications alone. The result was that those clients did not receive the PPP money (or at least the first round of funding) or were too delayed in their application process to survive until the second round of funding. The ones that won the PPP game were the ones that were prepared and had sound financial records ready to go right away! 

Through our Total Accounting Care program this is all possible! Our outsourced accounting program here stepped up to the plate during this crisis and helped all of our clients get in on the PPP funding and stay financially stable during these crazy times. All of our clients on the Total Accounting Care program had their up-to-date financials already in their hands when the PPP program was announced, so applying for them (with the help of their Total Accounting Care client manager) was quick and easy! These clients weren’t lucky, they were prepared. 

Total Accounting Care is a program we offer here at S&K that helps businesses alleviate their accounting stress. Through this program we offer a wide variety of services from bookkeeping up to outsourced CFO services. Next time something like this hits don’t be left out in the cold by your bookkeeper/accountant, be prepared with Total Accounting Care! 

To find out more about the great services that Total Accounting Care offers please contact Max Spracklin at or 703-802-2309.