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Peachtree Payroll Tax Forms Updater

by admin 9. July 2010 10:04

We have a number of clients having problems with Payroll Tax Forms showing as out of date or expired.

When you go into Payroll Tax Forms in Peachtree and try to open a tax form, the program should automatically check to see if your forms are out of date and give you the opportunity to update them immediately. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and you are stuck with forms you cannot use.

Peachtree's payroll tax forms are actually maintained by a company call Aatrix and the updates for these forms are not contained in the normal Payroll Tax Table Updates you are used to. If the payroll tax forms are out of date and you do not get a message to update them in Peachtree, there is a way to update them manually.

You can go through My Computer to the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach\FormViewer\. In this directory you will find an application called UPDATER2 or UPDATER2.EXE. Double-click on it to start the Aatrix update program and it should go out and find all payroll tax form updates for both federal and state forms and install them for access in Peachtree. I recommend exiting Peachtree before you do this.

After it is done you will get an Update Complete message and you should now have access to the current payroll tax forms!

Hope this helps!



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